5 January 2022

3 Workplace Resolutions: How to Send the January Blues Packing

Workplace blues

The January Blues are upon us!! With the holidays over, office jobs resuming and the 9 to 5 routine dictating our timetable, January can feel a bit bleak with its gloomy weather and uneventful calender. During January, Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder is most likely to catch people out, so how can we keep those pesky moods at bay and get your team’s new year off to a great start?

Here are 3 tips to help you fight the gloom away for your team:


01 – What Work-Life Balance?

Often we come out of our holidays, go back into work and find ourselves once again feeling trapped in routines and projects; fighting burnout and finding ourselves disillusioned. To keep you and your team happy, why don’t you try implementing new strategies into your work day to get that freedom and work-life balance back? A great example is encouraging people to get out of the office at lunchtime. Walking, running, swimming or just sitting on a bench watching the world go by are all really beneficial ways to implement a natural break into the day that pays major dividends in the long run to the environment in the office. A 30 minute walk can help you lose 200 calories and boost your mood for the rest of the day. Apart from the obvious health benefits of being outside – especially at this time of year when sunlight is a lesser-spotted creature – it’s a good way to focus on something other than your current professional to-do list and get some of that freedom and balance back. Taking a lunch break away from your desk will help to grow productivity, engagement and an even temper when dealing with colleagues. Qualities every manager wants increased within their team!


02 – Painting the Roses Red

It’s been proven in various experiments that being in a creative environment as well as being creative – helps to improve mental health. No matter your sector there is always a creative option, and it can often boost productivity if you do something old in a new way. People work best when they have to problem solve and have some autonomy over what they’re doing. Implementing creative strategies into your team’s projects will encourage a new perspective on the work they are doing. This will allow for creative team building, which strengthens the dynamics in your office as well as giving each individual a rewarding experience.


03 – Reaching For the Carrot

Sometimes a paycheck just doesn’t cut it when it comes to your team feeling recognized for the work they do. Rewarding team members who have gone above and beyond is the perfect way to give tangible recognition; as well as being an incentive for others to go the extra mile. 78% of employees say that being recognized by an employer/manager makes them work harder – now that’s a statistic you can’t argue with. Rewards are best when they’re physical, like vouchers or gift cards – make sure they’re packaged in a way that shows you truly care.


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