24 March 2022

Scented: What Scent Can Do For Your Brand

The Science of Scent

Scent is one of the most underrated human senses – the human olfactory area is about 2.5 cm2 wide and contains around 50 million receptor cells. Scent takes a route into our brain that goes straight into the amygdala and hippocampus – which is why we get such powerful emotions and memories when we come across certain scents. Retailers and advertisers have been using scent as a powerful marketing tool for years – research has shown that scent marketing increases sales by 11% and customer satisfaction by 20%. But here’s how it could help to take your packaging to the next level and skyrocket your sales.


‘Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance’ – Christopher Poindexter


The statistics below from Reed Pacific Media show the power of scent and the impression it will make on your customers as well as the unlimited potential it gives for targeting new audiences.

  • 81% of consumers would choose a product they can smell & touch over one they can only see.
  • 35% of consumers remember something which is smelt vs something which is only seen.
  • 70% of all purchasing decisions are made at shelf – make sure you have the complete attention of your customers.


‘Scent is the strongest tie to memory’ – Maggie Stiefvater


Scent is the only developed sense which a fetus has in the womb, and the one most developed in children up to the age of 10 before sight takes over – so it’s the one that we have used the most through our lives to distinguish our surroundings and connect our memories. In branding it can be used to give your business an edge over competitors by using a signature scent that will evoke an emotion and create positive memories for your customers. “In an age where it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out in a crowded market, you must differentiate your brand emotionally and memorably,” they wrote. “Think about your brand in a new way by considering how scent can play a role in making a more powerful impression on your customers.”


‘A fragrance is like a signature’ – Oscar De La Renta


Known as a scent logo – a definitive brand scent can help to create a lasting impression on your customers and highlight your product on the shelves, taking the focus off your competitors and onto your product. Scented packaging is a great way to do this, whether you decide to customize each product’s packaging or do a blanket brand scent. The global fragrance packaging market is expected to reach USD 15,776.78 million by 2027, this is definitely a trend to try.


‘Our sense of smell is so fundamental to our lives. It triggers childhood memories, reminds us of relationships, our desires, our nearly forgotten dreams and can help us create and capture those perfect moments in time.’ – Sarah Horowitz


So how do you actually get scented packaging? New technology (scented aqueous coating) allows you to implant scent inline directly onto the packaging – this cuts down expenses and means it’s a quicker drying process, there are also less components in the packaging. Making a scent that reflects your brand’s colors and typography, as well as the general aesthetic will create a strong impact on your customers that leaves a lasting impression. As well as adding this to your in-store packaging, scented packaging will add another dimension to the unboxing experience for your e-commerce customers. Imagine opening that box and getting a delicious waft of a carefully crafted scent that instantly connects you to your brand.



Want to explore the power of scented packaging? Get in touch with the team at BPAK to find out how it can transform your brand and improve your customer satisfaction.