29 March 2022

Vegan Packaging: It’s More Than A Fashion

Vegan Lifestyle

Plant-based packaging with vegan credentials – is this just a fashion or something that could actually improve your business? First thing’s first, this is not another Vegan article, this is about how your brand can move forward in furthering your sustainable credentials and gaining an entirely new audience who will be incredibly loyal so long as you’re honest. 

We’ve covered sustainable packaging, we’ve covered how you can make sure that you’re not giving false information regarding your sustainability – we’ve looked into eco alternatives that recycle virgin materials. So how about we have an article on how to make your packaging totally planet-earth friendly? Not in visual terms – we’ve done that too in this article where we suggest how to restyle your packaging for a new brand of consumer who actually cares about the ethics behind the product as well as the product itself. 

So really, the next area to think about is: how ethical is your packaging? Would you buy your product if you knew what went into it? If it’s a no then it might be time to look into the latest solutions for those brands who want to raise the ethics of their packaging and engage a whole audience of vegan consumers who are looking for brands that connect to their beliefs. The main difference between vegan packaging and non-vegan packaging is the formulation of the materials you use. Is the glue animal-based? Is the ink acid-free? Is the card/plastic/glass etc a virgin material or is it recycled? Can it biodegrade? 

So what does vegan packaging look like:

🌱 plant-based glues 

🌱 biodegradable materials

🌱 water-based inks on labels

🌱 fully recyclable

🌱 reusable

🌱 manufactured local to your main customer base or shop so that shipping emissions are cut down


All of these areas can be achieved in your packaging, before you go into it though it’s a good idea to check out your target audience to find out whether you’ve got a base of potential consumers who would be interested in vegan packaging. If not but you’d like to incorporate it due to ethical reasons, make sure you do a brand redesign to align this into every aspect of your business. It’s a great way to gain a new customer base, become rated with a range of sustainable corporations, (e.g B Corp) and know that your products are as great as you say they are.


Vegan and plant-based packaging solutions are options for any company who wants to improve the environmental credibility of their brand. For more information on these solutions and options contact